Pediatric Dermatology for

the Practitioner

April 7-8, 2017
Paradise Point Hotel, San Diego, CA

Atopic Dermatitis Therapeutic Education Day


  • Train health care professionals in the principles involved in therapeutic patient education in relation to chronic disease management in general, and atopic dermatitis in particular
  • Review methods of educating patients and families about AD, including in-office/clinic direct teaching, school-based education, media-based education, handout materials for establishing care regimens, and the concepts behind shared decision making
  • Become knowledgeable about patient and family perspectives on AD, including fears of medications that influence use
  • Be knowledgeable of a sample "core curriculum" in AD for patients and families, as well as other health care professionals
  • Be exposed to successful systems of AD therapeutic education in use internationally, and elements of programs that have been utilized
  • Discuss and collaborate concerning methods to establish healthcare professional and/or patient family teams to assist with AD care





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